Finlay Bee Food Wraps

Finlay Bee Food Wraps

Finlay Bee Wraps are a 100% natural alternative to clingfilm. The waxed organic cotton fabric wrapper covers a variety of home produce in a way which is friendly to your world

The ingredients used in the wraps are naturally friendly to food and won't make your food sweat like plastic wrap - they actually act like a food's natural skin to stay fresh without becoming fusty. You will also benefit form the peace of mind knowing that you're avoiding the possibility of releasing undesirable chemicals into food.

We are all aware of the damage to the environment of using throwaway plastics. Plastic sheeting such as sandwich bags and foodwrap is of particular danger to marine life and other animals. Using Finlay Bee Wraps will allow you to do your bit to protect your world.

Our wraps are handmade by skilled textile artists who take the time to ensure that your product is of the finest quality. Their level of "stickyness" has been carefully chosen to ensure that you have a good seal.


    Reusable - just wash in cold water

    FInlay Bee Wraps are designed to be used over and over again. They only need to be washed under the cold tap, and if necessary with a mild detergent.

    You can purchase just what you need

    All of us have our own requirements which is why Finlay Bee Wraps come in different sized packs, so you can buy what you need.

    Use Finlay Bee Wraps to wrap a variety of foods

    The different foods you can wrap with our wraps is almost limitless, from biscuits to salads to cheese (the only thing we say is to avoid raw meat and fish)

    Finlay Bee Wraps are well designed and excellent quality

    FInlay Bee Wraps are designed to look good in your kitchens, and to last - the Organic Cotton material is premium thickness and the amount of beeswax has been increased to ensure a good seal.


    If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please either email or call 01324 217327 to arrange a return or exchange. We offer a 30 day period for returns and it is our policy not to charge you for return postage. Once your return has been received you can expect the refund to be processed within 5 business days.


    All orders received before 2:30pm on weekdays are processed and dispatched the same day. Delivery is by Royal Mail tracked and may require a signature on delivery. You will receive an email to confirm the order details and you should expect to receive your order within 2-3 days. If you have not received your order by then please either email or call 01324 217327


    We want your order to arrive in perfect condition. However if there is any damage to your order please either email or call 01324 217327. Ultimately the courier is responsible for damage in transit, however it is really important to us that you have a great experience with us so please contact us for further guidance and information.


    If you are an international customer please email for details of international fulfilment.


    Perfect For: All of your kitchen requirements Small pieces of fruit, biscuits and covering small bowls Regular sized bowls, cheese and sandwiches. Large sandwiches or bowls
    Size One 20cm x 20cm, one 27cm x 27cm and one 35cm x 35cm Wrap Four 20cm x 20cm Wraps Three 27cm x 27cm Wraps Two 35cm x 35cm Wraps
    Naturally Degrades
    Reduce Food Waste
    Reduce use of Cling Film
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£10.99Sale Price