Finlay Bee Pure Beeswax Candle

Finlay Bee Pure Beeswax Candle

Finlay Bee Beeswax candles are made up of all-natural honey that are kind to your world and sustainably sourced too. Morever, Finaly Bee Beeswax candles will not produce heavy soot when burned. These candles also do not contain harmful fragrances that some paraffin candles have but still give off a nice hint of honey that will make any place instantly cozier.


When you burn your new Finlay Bee Beeswax candle in your home you will be amazed - the negative ions produced will help to neutralise pollutants and improve your living space and your dust, odours and mould will be reduced. These can also accompany you during a well-deserve long bath after a long hard day's work! Be sure to keep an eye on it and avoid burning for an extended period of time.


Choose a candle that fits your lifestyle and health needs, choose Finlay Bee beeswax candle.


    It's time to make the switch.

    Bid goodbye to soot, lead wicks, and other harmful chemicals from your regular candles and welcome your natural beeswax candle with open arms. Even without the unsafe and chemical fragrances, beeswax candles smell great as its natural aroma from honey and flower nectar are more than enough!

    100% Natural Beeswax

    Finlay Bee beeswax candles are made up of 100% natural beeswax without chemical additions or artificial additives making it a safer alternative to traditional paraffin candles. A sweet aroma coming from the slight honey-scented candles will surely make any place's ambiance soothing and relaxing. As if the beeswax candles cannot get any better, these are also longer burning as they drip less compared to the regular paraffin candle which makes this more worth your every penny!

    Kind to your world, too!

    The cherry on top with this candle is that it is completely environment friendly! As compared with paraffin candles, beeswax candles are NOT a by-product of petroleum! These candles burn brighter than the paraffin candle sitting on your bedside table and it even emits negative ions that are known to help in purifying the air.

    Decorate your house!

    Finlay Bee Beeswax candle is not only a candle with a great honey scent but also as a decor. This natural yellow candle can liven up any corner of your house and will make it smell heavenly too!

    Finlay Bee Beeswax Candles - THE PERFECT GIFT

    When looking for a gift at Christmas or for Birthdays, look no further than Finlay Bee Beeswax Candles. And while you're choosing a wonderful gift for that special person why not treat yourself as well?!

    Calm your senses

    Feel the calm that can come from your Finlay Bee Candle. Maybe it's now bedtime, complete your night time routine by starting off with lighting a candle with a sweet honey scent. This makes whatever routine you may have enjoyable. Be sure to put it out once ready to sleep!


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