We’re so proud of our Beeswax Candles

I wanted to blog today about our fantastic Beeswax Candles which are nearing the end of production. We’re so proud of them and I wanted to tell you more about them.

Firstly, these are beeswax candles, and when I say beeswax I mean that there is no other filling or cheaper waxes mixed in. There are so many candles which describe themselves as “Beeswax” but they have cheaper waxes mixed in. The only other thing in our candles is a dash of honey extract to add some extra celebration of the mighty Bee. This produces an even better scent and allows the candle to be appreciate throughout your room and will drift through your entire house.

We have designed our candles to burn with the maximum efficiency possible. The wick has been carefully chosen so that it doesn’t burn too quickly and that is doesn’t smoke. This means that as the candle burns the flame will naturally become smaller. If you burn your candle for an extended period of time you will find that the flame gets smaller and smaller but just like the mighty Bee, the flame is strong yet small and won’t go out (unless you extinguish it of course!). The scent will still flow from the candle and it will still glow in a beautiful fashion, but it’s just becoming more and more efficient with its burn. If you want a bigger flame, you can just pour a small amount of the wax away and use if for other things – on top of essential oil burners maybe? Also you will find that there will be some wax left at the bottom of the jar once the candle has burned through. This is entirely normal and will allow you to be creative with the small amount of wax which is left over.

Our fantastic candle is designed to bring you the maximum amount of enjoyment and give you the opportunity to create the most wonderful atmosphere in your homes. We hope you will love this candle, and will want to share the love with as many of your family and friends as possible.

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