We are so delighted that our new beeswax candles is almost perfected!

It has taken a while, however we were determined to create a fantastic 100% Beeswax Candle which didn’t suffer from the common problems that beeswax candles have such as tunnelling and flickering. We have selected a perfect wick size from over 200 different sizes available and performed many burning tests and the final result is a candle which is truly impressive. We wanted you to have a sneaky week peek right now before we take it to a focus group.

There are many potential health benefits from beeswax candles such as a lower toxicity than paraffin candles, and the fact that they produce negative ions in the air when burned. They also burn with a more natural light colour than other candles so many people find them easier on their eyesight. There’s also the knowledge that these candles have bee produced by those amazing hard working little guys that we all love so much.

The current world wide health issues are certainly a challenge for us right now and it’s likely that there will be a delay in bring this to market, but we are working hard to ensure that this will be a fantastic product that you will love.

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