We are developing a 100% Beeswax Candle product and we are buzzing about it (!)

We wanted to blog about our hugely exciting product which is currently in development. As you will all know, we love bees. So it is only natural that we would bring products other than Beeswax Wraps to the market. We are developing a 100% Beeswax Candle product and we are buzzing about it (!) However, we wanted to have a little look at the dark murky area of “beeswax” candles which aren’t entirely made from beeswax.

The thing is, Beeswax is the most expensive wax you can buy for candle use. It’s not manufactured by machines in a factory, it can only be produced from bees. So it’s so tempting for manufacturers to sell blended products to reduce the costs. And whilst there are some additives which can add scents or strength the candles, some irresponsible producers do add other waxes to reduce costs.

Beeswax in itself is a wonderful colour, and produces a wonderful scent, so our opinion at this time is that we do not want to add anything to our candles. We want to bring the purest candle possible to the market and offer people a product that will bring a wonderful piece of nature in to your home. There are lots of potential health benefits from using beeswax candles too, and a quick internet search will bring up plenty of sites which suggest ways in which your health can be improved by using beeswax candles.

The ultimate of course, would be for us to keep our own bees and to make our own products, however that simply is not possible on the scale that we need, which is why we outsource production to trusted colleagues. We are a global operation, but still a tiny family company. We are a small UK business with a dream of helping people all over the world make better decisions, and do their bit to make a difference.

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