This is getting exciting now. We love Christmas.

It really is a wonderful time of year!

But there’s so much pressure to get things right. Like selecting the most appropriate gifts for example. How can you be sure that you’re buying gifts that are meaningful, but also don’t damage the world?

We are always looking for the best places to buy gifts, so we thought we’d help out by letting you know where we’re buying gifts from this year. And just to let you know, we aren’t getting any commissions or kickbacks from these sites, they’re just places we’ve found which seem to offer a great product in an ethical manner.


This is a fantastic online shop that has a very clear ethical stance. They have bundles, gifts for under £10 and fantastic Kind Boxes.


Here you can shop zero-waste alternatives to give to your loved ones . We particularly like this page -


Fantastic range of environmentally friendly Soy Wax candles which don’t use chemicals or artificial scents in their products.


Shop for skin care or other personal care items that can serve as stocking fillers!


These guys have got great reusable items to help save the planet!

Don’t forget this wonderful site either!

Our very own BRAND NEW website where you can purchase our fabulous Beeswax Candles and also our wonderful alternative to cling film the beeswax food wraps.

Get your gift list ready and get those gifts ready too!

Take care

Finlay Bee

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