Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness. That’s so important just now in particular. When we’re in the middle (or maybe just at the beginning) of this global health pandemic, we need to concentrate on keeping ourselves healthy.

At the beginning of this lockdown lots of people promised themselves that they would learn a new skill, perhaps a language, or look to reinvent parts of their lives. Now we’re well in to the 2nd month of lockdown I wonder how many of us have stayed strong and resolute and have made positive steps. It’s so easy to allow things to slip with the very strange pressures that are on us just now, but now it’s time to pause and have a cup of tea, before considering why achievements haven’t been made yet.

Be kind to yourself, but try to establish why you haven’t managed to improve your Spanish yet, or why you never did enrol for that online course. Maybe it’s a lack of self confidence or maybe it’s the worry that you need to choose the correct thing to do. Maybe you’ve entered an “analysis paralysis” phase and you just can’t think what to do.

One area which we could all do more on is the environment, and what we can do to do our little bit. Remember that we don’t need to be perfect. Indeed the survival of the world as we know it is not about having a few thousand people who are perfect; it’s about having millions upon millions of people who are imperfect. Take single use plastics for example. There are lots of people who want to do their bit but they can’t see how they’re going to break away from using clingfilm for particular things – like putting over dough to rise in a warm place. What alternatives are there to this? Beeswax wraps aren’t best friends with heat so you might feel you can’t use your Finlay Bee Wraps for that. Well, whilst there are alternative ways to prove your dough, we at Finlay Bee strongly feel that you shouldn’t put unbearable pressure on yourselves by trying to be perfect. So if you do have a roll of clingfilm in the house you shouldn’t beat yourself up. Try to do your best by using your Finlay Bee Wraps whenever you can, but when you can’t there are other choices like paper, foil or indeed clingfilm if you feel you don’t have any alternatives. Baking your own bread at home negates the requirement for a plastic bag wrapper which you normally get in a supermarket anyway.

Let’s be kind to ourselves. Let’s get regular exercise, and let’s pamper ourselves a little bit. It’s now time to be happy with ourselves and not to put so much pressure on us that we crumble. Let’s do our bit.

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