Candlemas: Let there be(e) light and hope!

“Candle, candle burning bright, winter’s halfway done tonight. With a-glowing we are knowing, spring will come again.”

Have you already put your Christmas decorations away? We know, we know. Just the idea of “cleaning up” must already feel exhausting. But it must be done, one way or another. After all, today is Candlemas!

Candlemas (Candle Mass) is the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple and the Purification of the Virgin Mary, 40 days after Christmas. Because it has many biblical and cultural references, the festival has several names with many different traditions and beliefs, like the following:

· Crepe and Coins - For some European countries such as in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, the Candlemas tradition is that family members would prepare crepes to eat together while they each hold a coin in hand for happiness and wealth throughout the year until the next Candlemas.

· Predicting Weather / Groundhog Day - This belief follows an old English song being sung on Candlemas day: if it happens to be cloudy on the said day, it means winter may be longer than expected, otherwise, if there is not much shade, spring would be soon in sight.

St. Brigid’s Day - In Ireland, the practice is that people would leave bread and corn by their windows on either February 1st or 2nd as offerings to the saint in hopes of a prosperous harvest come spring.

Here at Finlay Bee, we celebrate Candlemas with its symbolic meaning: Purification through light and a promise of hope.

While Candlemas concludes the holiday ritual being the last Feast of the Church following Christmas time, it also sparks a sense of a new beginning. We celebrate it today, February 2nd, the day which marks the midpoint of winter, which means, we are halfway between the shortest day of the year and the spring equinox. So, this time around, we can very much say, ‘Spring is coming! Pretty soon, we be(e) buzzing!’

So, start putting away your Christmas decor, sing the hymns of spring, plan what to plant in your garden next, and yes, get that spring cleaning started!

However you spend it, we ultimately believe that it’s the time we spend with our family and friends that make Candlemas a truly special day to look forward to. And what a better way to celebrate this feast than by lighting Finlay Bee’s all-natural beeswax candle – bringing in the brightest light of all candles, cozying up your home, all while purifying the air! Now, isn’t that a great start to a better tomorrow?

If you don't have yours yet, why not head over to and order it today?

Happy Candlemas, everybody!

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