Be(e) My Valentine?

Love is in the air! Valentine’s posts everywhere!

Of course, here at Finlay Bee, we love Valentines! After all, St. Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers! Is that why honey is naturally sweet? Hahaha!

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one or practicing self-love, we say, go celebrate!!! Just because. And also, why not? Nothing is more romantic than feeling good, loved, and happy.

Here are our top 3 ways to express love like no other.

1. Cook & Bake

As the old saying goes, “food is the way to the heart”. And we think so, too! When you cook for someone, or even for yourself, there’s no other goal but to have a delicious meal to enjoy — so you really put your heart and soul to it! The same goes for baking, every ingredient is put in an exact measurement so your bread and pastries come out perfect. See the love and passion right there?

How about making honey yogurt waffles or honey lemon muffins for your sweetheart or friends? In case you don’t live together or because there’s still a strict social distancing protocols, you can always pack your homemade goodies with our very own Finlay Bee Food Wraps and have them delivered right at their doorsteps. With our food wraps, your food won’t sweat (like what happens when packed with nasty plastics — yikes!) and stay fresh, just they way everyone wants! They're reusable too, so plus points for caring for the environment!

2. Self-care, Self-Love

Love comes in many forms. It’s not all about being in relationship with someone — really! The one that you’re forever stuck with is none other than yourself! So, invest in yourself! Treat yourself like how you would really want to be cared for. You deserve the best and absolutely no less.

Indulge in a nice bath, perhaps add a bath bomb of your liking, get that honey facial mask or DIY for an all natural treat, put on that rich honey bee lotion, and complete with a moisturizing beeswax hand cream! Have all the relaxation you need and do enjoy your honey lemon tea, need we say more?

3. Candlelit Dinner

As in most Valentine’s Day evening, candlelit dinner is standard. You already know this so how about we suggest a theme for a refreshing change? And you guessed it right: “BEE MY VALENTINE.”

A honey-based menu is easy. There are plenty of recipes to explore! You can start with pairing honey with cheese and bread for appetizers, then serve spiced honey lamb chops for the main entree, and perhaps a honey lemon custard for dessert! Of course, don’t forget the candles. Set the mood by lighting our 100% all natural beeswax candle that has a bright clean burn and lasts hours long. It also fills in the room with a lovely honey scent— and the best part, it helps purify the air!

Sometimes, it’s not all about the grand gestures. You can say ‘I love you’ through your simple but well-meaning efforts. Believe us, your sweetheart would find your thoughtfulness really sweet!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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