6 Virtual Ideas to Wow Mum this Sunday, March 14th!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

It’s Mothering Day on Sunday!

Do you miss Mum? Are you far away from her and a hometown visit isn’t possible right now? Do you want to gift her something far better than a Mothers' Day card?

If you found yourself nodding yes to at least one of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place, dear friend.

In the time of social distancing, throwing a virtual party for online “togetherness” is the new thing. You must have done this a lot of times already with friends and loved ones – and is it safe to assume even with Mum too? If not, then NOW is the time to so!

First things first, plan ahead and brief the family: when’s the event, what do they need, etc. Prepare and make everything as friendly and easy as possible – especially for those who find technology a bit of a challenge – the goal is to make this whole online experience fun and enjoyable. And most importantly, to make it as if all of you are together in one place, so how about setting mum’s and your place (and everyone else’s, if possible) to have a beautiful, warm, honey-scent ambiance? With our 100% all natural beeswax candle, you can be sure to feel cozy, safe and sound – much like mum’s touch! Check our products here!

Idea 1: Host a Virtual Watch Party

Let's start with something proven and time-tested, that is a watch party. Watching movies is a classic family recreational activity after all. Decide on what to watch (hint: Mum’s favourite movie), send Mum and your family a direct streaming link, and then arrange a video chat over FaceTime. You can also try other apps that specifically cater to hosting online watch party. Check this out!

Idea 2: Arrange an Online Cooking 101

Craving mum’s signature home-cooked meals? We’re pretty sure she misses cooking for you just as well. So, how about you hit two birds with one stone and arrange an online cooking “class” – how exciting is that? Nothing’s more sentimental than learning mum’s recipes to enjoy yourself or to share with your own family. Simply video chat and cook away but best if you both have your phones set on a tripod or use a laptop so that you and Mum can cook together with the remote set-up with ease. Imagine you two are chefs in a show! Who knows, your mum might just be the next cooking star after this private cooking show!

Idea 3: Throw a Virtual Tea Party with Flower Arranging Activity

Since Spring is here, our weather is becoming more and more pleasant! So how about you encourage your Mum to show you her garden while you do the same? Of course, with fancy snacks like sandwiches, baked muffins, or cakes over the family favourite tea. Go beyond a simple video chat greeting and actually gift mom a new beautiful tea set and have this delivered with mouth-watering pastries (be sure to order or bake some for you as well). While you’re both at the garden, how about try picking fresh blooms or send her flower pieces to make lovely arrangements out of? This makes it sweeter than simply handing a flower bouquet to mum. Plus, although remotely, you get to spend quality time together!

Idea 4: Attend Virtual Travel Tours

Your mum surely misses the great outdoors especially if she’s a travel enthusiast! And we’re pretty sure you can relate too. Fortunately, we’re blessed with marvelous technology with can transport us to our dream destinations even if we physically can’t right now. You can invite mum to join you see the majestic sights from all over the world and discover their rich cultures! It’s like traveling, really, without the long tiring walks and of course, it’s a lot budget-friendly, too! This may also inspire you to plan future travels together and create more colorful memories! Check this out!

Idea 5: Organize an Online Art Activity

If there’s any good this pandemic brought, discovering or for some, rediscovering their creative side sure is one. Does mum use to cross-stitch? Or is she into arts and painting? This is your cue to get Mum and yourself easy creative go-to kits to try at home! You don’t need to be pros, so don’t worry about that. You can easily finish your work of art with these guided kits these days. And when you and Mum are done, you can be the judge of each other’s work! Check this out!

Idea 6: Host a Virtual Bingo Game Night

Gather the whole family online and surprise mum with a Bingo game night! You can get bingo cards online or design your own to include mum’s favourite things and unforgettable funny memories together! This will definitely go a long way and might just be the next family favourite activity together.

For mums, just having to see your face is already big for them, especially after a year-long lockdown. But spending time with them is still the best. So even if you can’t be physically together, for now, finding ways to connect is what truly matters.

Happy Mothers' Day to all the beautiful mums!

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