About Finlay Bee!

I'm just a little bee. I'm Finlay Bee! I want to make a difference to the world.

I am here to offer you ways to make better decisions, for the health of the world.

Everyone knows the damage that's happening to the world around us, and we all know that our shopping habits can really make a difference. But we also like to live our lives and we are reliant on certain products, some of which (like nasty paraffin candles) are not kind to the environment. So we produce ethically sourced Beeswax Candles to help you make a better decision whilst still enjoying a lovely candle.

Our Philosophy

We are all about offering customers the ability to make better decisions in a way that's sustainable. We embrace the power of ecommerce to do this in a way which is better for the environment. Yes we ship some elements of our products from country to country, like everyone else, and yes we source products from different countries, but it's all about offering our customers the chance to make better decisions.


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