Better, Wiser 

For example, our beautiful 100% beeswax candle. Fill your homes with the beautiful scent of an ethically sourced candle.
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Beeswax Candles

Your Beeswax Candle is hand-poured and contains 100% beeswax with just a little dash of natural honey extract for a sweet aroma that will surely make any place's ambiance soothing and relaxing. Plus, their wicks are cotton: lead-free, no soot, so they're less toxic and make a lovely, long-lasting, and clean burn. Healthier & sustainable lifestyle without having to worry about any potential adverse effects. 


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In a modern, fast-paced world, we have become heavily dependent on everything convenient to get us through. But sadly, this lifestyle is not always sustainable, which is why we created Finlay Bee - to support your efforts in making a difference for you, for the people, and for the environment.

Put your mind at ease and trust Finlay Bee to help you make better, wiser decisions, worry-free, and guilt-free, so you can expect more of the calm and less of the storm.

Because you deserve a quality life.


Gorgeous smell

"Lovely candle and packaging. Jar rather plain but the candle smells wonderful. Recipient very pleased with their gift."

J L Phillips

Great value for money and bigger than I expected.

"Great value for money and bigger than I expected.
I'm really pleased with this beautiful candle not only does it smell lovely but it burns really well giving a georgous orange light. I would highly recommend this candle and will be buying some more for Christmas presents."

Mia Bennett

Beautiful candle

"Absolutely love this candle, smells beautiful. Burns evenly and slowly. Helps loads with my sons hayfever. Will definitely purchase more."

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